Matlab toolbox for generating 2D meshes from EBSD data

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Purpose of this toolbox

In order to evaluate the thermo-mechanical behaviour of crystalline materials (such as metals or ceramics) at microscopic scale, one usually perform numerical simulation at grain scale using the Finite Element Method. In order to proceed, one must first create a mesh which is representative of the real material.

The microstructure of crystalline materials is usually made from Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) technique. Thus, this toolbox is designed to generate meshes from EBSD in a robust and accurate way.


Example: aachen.m aachen.m

Example: titanium_medium.m titanium_medium.m

Example: twins.m twins.m



You can navigate the documentation here.


Full documentation

Once the toolbox is installed on your Matlab session, open the documentation of the present toolbox by typing:


Then, click on “MTEX2Gmsh toolbox”, under the Supplemental Software section (bottom right).

Help functions

The gmshGeo class is the core of this toolbox. For comprehensive details about it, just type

help gmshGeo

The following command will print all the GmshGeo methods:

methods gmshGeo

For details about a given method (let say plot):

help gmshGeo/plot


For further details, check out the corresponding paper [1]. If you use this project, please cite it as follows:

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